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When you are trying to implement communication capability in your project, plenty of APIs and protocols such as Web Sockets, HTTP, long polling, Server-sent events, Fetch API, curl, and many more comes rushing to your mind and all of them essentially tells you to choose them. From what I have heard, and believe, a good developer will always look at the use case and choose accordingly which would make it quite easy to choose one method from the above-mentioned pool but one needs to know what problem or problems the particular method solves to make a well-thought decision. Because of…

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Every developer either frontend or a backend or full-stack has to work with databases somehow. Frontend developers need not be aware of the concepts used within a database but only of the ways the required data can be accessed and added to their frontend. They need something that can be up and running very quickly so that they can start testing their solutions. Currently, developers have a lot of options for easy to use and quick to setup databases, but in this blog, I will be focusing on DynamoDB which not only offers these qualities but so much more. DynamoDB…

Data Analysis is a process of manipulating data in order to discover information which can be used in decision making. In this blog, I have discussed about a method which includes some steps which if performed in specific order can make data analysis process smooth and efficient. This method is called as “Scientific Method”. Lets understand what this method offers in context with data analysis.

Scientific Method for Data Analysis


This method starts with a question. A question in context with the problem you have been given by your company. The question will be something which you will be working on for your remaining analysis…

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If you are even slightly interested in programming and uses python for it then I am sure you can feel the interest growing day by day. That’s what python does to you. I have been coding in python for quite some time and was looking to do some projects when I came across Facebook’s Graph API. You know Facebook right ? of course you do. In this blog post I will explain how one can access information from Facebook through python using Facebook’s Graph API. So let’s get started.

Introduction to Facebook’s Graph API:

As Facebook describes it, Graph API, developed by Facebook, is a…

A complete guide to Python’s most popular data analysis library.

In recent years, python programming language has gained lot of popularity and because of its qualities, has become most developers first choice of coding. Python has extremely large number of packages available for almost every task. One of the many libraries of python is Pandas, which is widely used for data analysis in python. In this blog, we will go through the fundamentals of pandas.

Pandas is an open source python library which provides high performance, easy to use, flexible and expressive data structures designed to make working with structured (tabular, multi-dimensional, potentially heterogeneous) and time series data easily and…

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